EOPS Alumni

  • Kintay Johnson

    "...obstacles and barriers are only part of your story. Your past and present doesn't define your future!..."

  • Stephanie Beaver

    "...Never, ever, give up, as you are carving out a path and showing you CAN overcome, despite any odds..."

  • Ivonne Meza

    "...meeting with counselors every month and a half or so is vital to transferring and/or receiving your degree sooner."

  • Andraya Anguiano

    "...Take advantage of all the program has to offer such as endless support, resources, and vouchers..."

  • Lucio Lira

    "...I found many mentors through the EOPS counselors that assisted me to grow professionally, personally, and academically."

  • Jennifer Fain

    "...take full advantage of the required contacts. Students should ask questions, discuss opportunities, and go on the field trips!”

  • Rosa Ramos-Betancourt

    "...Never give up even if life presents challenge after challenge. It is within those challenges that you find an opportunity for growth..."

  • Kate Coleman

    “...Meet with you counselors often. Share any barriers you may be experiencing with them. Follow your Education Plan...”


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