Kintay Johnson

Director of Special Programs, College of the Redwoods

"No matter where you came from, no matter the challenges you had to overcome to get to your present, those obstacles and barriers are only part of your story. Your past and present doesn’t define your future! Speak the life you want into existence; however; don’t forget the GRIND it takes too!"

College of the Redwoods, AA, 2005

Humboldt State University, BA, 2008

Northcentral University, M.Ed, 2013, ABD-PhD, 2019

EOPS has impacted my life and career in so many ways. First, as a student in the program, it impacted my life because I learned that there were professionals who worked in the program who had lived, or had similar experiences as mine growing up. This allowed me to see them as mentors, and to see that my situation was temporary, not my final destination. I knew then my education could help me create the life I dreamed.

Professionally, my mentors, Cheryl Tucker, Melissa Green, and Ron McQueen were among the first to believe in me and saw that I had a passion for the work that we do. Early on as a EOPS student mentor, they nurtured my development and because of them, I fell in love with helping keep students on their path during their educational journey. During that time, 12 years ago I set my eyes on becoming an EOPS Director and 12 years later, I became the EOPS Director for College of the Redwoods! As Director of Special Programs, I feel truly humbled to be in charge of the program that gave me my start. Without EOPS, I would not be where I am today.


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