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Jennifer Fain

EOPS Alumni, Taft College

“I would encourage current students to take full advantage of the required contacts. Students should ask questions, discuss opportunities, and go on the field trips!”

Jennifer Fain

Jennifer Fain started attending Taft College in the fall of 2016 and was initially pursuing a degree in Business Administration.

With the guidance of professors, counselors, and peers she found her passion for English. She wants to give a special thanks to Professor Grimes for helping her realize her love for English along with EOPS counselor, Natalie Woodall, for sitting with her and helping her discover careers that she could pursue with a degree in English.

No matter how lost she felt or how many times she changed her mind Natalie was always patient and kind. Natalie helped Ms. Fain find her path and assured that she reached her goals.

Jennifer graduated from Taft College this past May with an Associate of Arts degree in English for Transfer with a 3.87 GPA.

She has now begun working towards her bachelor's degree at CSU Bakersfield.

Her goal is to obtain a masters degree in English and return to Taft College as a professor. She is very thankful for her journey at Taft College and the opportunities she was given, such as being a part of EOPS, because it truly changed her life for the better.

Jennifer states that, “Even though, we are all destined to move on and continue our journeys, I will forever consider Taft College home.”

Taft College, AA-T English

Taft College, AA-T English

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