Andraya Anguiano

EOPS Alumni, San Joaquin Delta College

“Take advantage of all the program has to offer such as endless support, resources, and vouchers to help obtain materials needed for classes. Another important tip would be to constantly meet with your counselors to ensure that you are on the right track and get any questions or concerns you may have answered.”

San Joaquin Delta College, AS Law Enforcement, AA Interdisciplinary Studies Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, CTE Certificate Law Enforcement

Andraya Anguiano is not only a wife but a mother of seven children. For twenty-eight years, she had been a stay at home mom which meant giving her children all of her time and attention. She finally decided it was time for her to focus on herself, now that all of her children were grown. She set out for one degree so that she could do something in the law field but when the EOPS opportunity came knocking on her door she realized that she was set out for two degrees and a certificate. With the help of the EOPS program she was able to obtain her two degrees and one certificate in as little as a year and half instead of almost two and half years for just one degree.


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