Ivonne Meza

EOPS Alumni, Southwestern College

“Take advantage of all the resources EOPS has to offer. Once you get into the habit of going to all of your appointments you really begin to realize that meeting with counselors every month and a half or so is vital to transferring and/or receiving your degree sooner.”

Southwestern College, AS Business Administration, 2017

San Diego State University, BS Business Administration, 2019

Ivonne Meza recently finished her last semester at SDSU as a general business major, she now has her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and is planning to go back to grad school. She is currently a part-time Project Assistant within the Mesa College EOPS program. It has been very difficult for Ms. Meza to stay away from community college EOPS programs regardless of the fact that once she had transferred she was no longer in any kind of EOPS program. Ivonne would work for EOPS for a lifetime knowing the wonders the program provides. She has seen the difference that EOPS makes in others, whether it be as students, staff, and/or faculty members. She would really enjoy continuing to work with the individuals that make the magic happen and that provide all of the resources.


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