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Region IV

Foothill College

EOPS is the greatest help Foothill College has offered me. Before attending college, my family was worried that we would have to cut off spending on essentials to help pay for my college tuition, textbooks, and school essentials. Luckily, we did not need to. As an EOPS student, I have received free textbooks, which I am grateful for. The support that EOPS has given me means less hours my parents have to work to take care of our family and less bills they have to worry about.

Being a first-generation student in my family, I was also worried that I would not have the necessary resources, advice, and information to navigate college, as I had no one to look up to, I had no role model. I was wrong! Ms. Tilly Wu, my EOPS counselor, along with the other EOPS faculty and staff, they have been wonderful in guiding me through college. Currently, I work as an EOPS math Tutor. This is just a small thing I could do to give back.

The life lessons and academic skills EOPS has taught me are the biggest help I could ever receive. With continued support from EOPS, along with the CCCEOPSA Scholarship, it also means that I could finally receive proper help for my mental health, which is critical for me to further advance my education. The EOPS program has helped me to better my college career and I am forever thankful for that.

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