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Region IV

Ohlone College

My name is Najah Rimehy, I am from Beirut, Lebanon. When I was one year-old my mom and dad got divorced and my mom decided to raise me until I turned nine years old. After my ninth birthday, my dad took me from my mom and decided to bring me to the United State of America. I lived with an abusive stepmom and father for years. My dad decided to kick me out of the house when I turned eighteen years old. As a result, I decided to return to my roots with my mom, but unfortunately, my mom did not want me either because of her new married life, which did not include me. I wasted one year of my educational life, as I felt lost, discouraged, with no self-esteem, but I knew I could not dwell on my despair and I decided to come back to the USA and work hard, go to school because education is the only thing that will help me not only survive but thrive in my future.

Thankfully, I was admitted at Ohlone College in 2018 and began my educational journey. Going through these difficult experiences makes me never give up because I am a big believer that every challenge, although difficult to see at times; presents an opportunity waiting to be ceased. As this has been my case now that I have connected with the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services who has truly offered me a place to belong to when I had no place to go.
EOPS has helped me afford to buy some of my books and provided me with the best counseling as well as other services. They truly offer me many opportunities that I never knew I could have in college. Not only material but emotionally and personal support which makes me feel like I really have a college family looking out for me. I am truly grateful for all the support and heart that they pour into me. This scholarship will benefit me, and assist me in paying for my necessities like housing, food and other necessities. Thank you so much for considering me for this great honor.

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