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Region IV

Chabot College

My college experience began at Chabot College in Spring 2019 and I became a part of the EOPS program Spring 2020. I am a first generation college student and my college experience has been quite unique. I became a mother at the age of sixteen but I was determined to complete my high school education. Between being a mother and working, having time for school felt unrealistic. I have always been very passionate about mental health and I knew that in order to help within the field a college education was necessary. I made the decision to quit my job and shift my focus from work to my education, as I knew it was what fulfilled my long term goals. It was in Spring 2019 that I finally set foot back onto a school campus after 7 long years at the age of 22. Chabot has been an amazing experience where I have learned far more than what is taught within a classroom. With the help of EOPS I have received various opportunities and support I wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise. EOPS has been an amazing resource I have benefited from during my time at Chabot. For a first gen student like myself, programs like EOPS make a world of a difference providing accessibility and support. From counseling to scholarships, these services have made my college experience much smoother. The EOPS scholarship will provide me with the opportunity to kick start my journey at CSUEB. My journey at Chabot has taught me that achieving my goals is all within my reach and I am grateful for all the opportunities and support I received at Chabot.

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