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Region III

College of San Mateo

I moved to U.S. from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, five years ago when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. This was one of the most painful and difficult times of my life. Because, the medical bills were so high and my family did not have the finances to cover her treatment, I decided to move to the U.S. in order to work and send money home to support my family and cover my mother’s medical expenses. Not long after relocating, my mother passed away.

For the first few years that I was living in the U.S., work consumed me. I worked many jobs and worked around the clock. Quite honestly, I didn’t even consider school as an option. Through discussions with members of my church community, I decided that a shift in my focus was possible and enrolled in San Mateo Adult School and then CSM.

The College of San Mateo and EOPS at CSM have changed my life. CSM has become my home. I have felt such immense support from my EOPS family that I want to pay that forward in all that I do. I have been encouraged to take an active leadership role on campus and I do that through my role as a student assistant for the EOPS program, helping to create the ESL Club at CSM, being active in EOPS Club, and being a student assistant for the ESL Center. I try my best to remain positive, no matter how much I may want to give up, I know that there are people depending on me. EOPS, to me, is like a hospital…they are able to help you address what is ailing you and support your journey to health and happiness. Being able to work for EOPS has allowed me to give back to my peers and provide them with the same type of support that EOPS has provided to me and that means the world.

To all my fellow EOPS students, I know that life and this journey is difficult, but I want to encourage you. Please know that we have support surrounding us. We just have to shed the fear that may stop us from reaching out….we are NOT alone, we have this wonderful EOPS family here for us!

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