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Region V

Bakersfield College

I am proud to have the distinct honor of being named recently a recipient of the Extended Opportunities Programs and Services Highest G.P.A. Award. Like so many others, I am a first-generation American with aspirations of positively affecting the world. Receiving such an award has added to my desires and goals of attaining my master’s and doctorate degrees in history. Although the end of my academic career at Bakersfield College has come to an end; I am proud to have started it here and have been given the opportunity to succeed. Being the only person in my family living in California, means that I also seek to represent them in the best way possible. Thankfully my peers and fellow students behind the EOPS desk helped me during the most trying of times.

Your award and scholarship continue to encourage and support me in my efforts to further my dreams. Studying history and communications has given me clarity and insight into society’s potential that has yet to be realized. Guided by an objective and rational discourse on issues that impact generations of Americans, is where I see my efforts being made the most productive. With attempts to bridge the gap between the pre/post-millennial generations and heal a growing divide of opinions and sentiments about the United States.

Attending Bakersfield College as well as being a part of the EOPS Program has given me a path and time to develop an objective mindset. My educational career is further bolstered by your acknowledgment, which gives me additional motivation to do my best. With a Ph.D. in the humanities, I’ll continuously strive to inspire those who aspire to form a more perfect Union. Referencing Dr. Mustafah Dhada, “Being a Historian demands one’s full participation-otherwise peruse another profession.” Once again, thank you for your award and the continued support.

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