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Region V

Columbia College

Hello. My name is Kristina Delgadillo. I have been attending Columbia College since 2018. Next semester will be my last semester here. I will be graduating with an AAT in Psychology and possibly another AA in Sociology. I started out only taking one class and worked my way up to being able to take the 13 units that I am currently enrolled in.

I had tried college a couple times in my past. Unfortunately, I was not ready and did not do well those times. I was battling a drug and alcohol addiction and dealing with all the chaos that came with that kind of lifestyle. After losing my son to CWS, and getting criminal charges at the same time, in 2016, I was court ordered to participate in several programs. One of those was the GEO Re-entry program; that was where the education seed was re-planted within me. Thanks to Alicia Kolstad, Matt Burbey and the MAT (Making Alternative Transformations) program, I decided to give college another chance. After the outreach they did in my group in fall 2017, I knew if other people “like me” were doing it successfully, then so could I. Of course, it has taken awhile for my cumulative GPA to get to where it should be since I was so irresponsible in the past, but it’s looking better now. School has shown me a way forward in life. I got my son back, I am clean and sober, and my future looks bright. Recovery and education are my life savers.

I am a single working mother and a full-time student. This can be quite challenging at times. Being in EOPS has given me the opportunity to stay on track through counseling. EOPS has also helped me financially with book vouchers and parking permits. Times are extremely hard right now and I am so grateful for all the support that is available.

One of my biggest concerns recently is my finances. I had to file an appeal for financial aid (due to still dealing with the consequences of my past) and I have heard nothing on that yet. I am taking 13 units and have no childcare Monday thru Thursday, so I am limited on how much I can work right now. Honestly, right now I would use a $750 scholarship to pay my rent for a month. My rent is $750. This would allow me to use the money I earn working to pay my other bills on time.

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