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Region II

Sacramento City College

In EOPS, Foy thrived in his skill to network and take full advantage of offerings from EOPS. He participated in our first math success cohort program, and his feedback was instrumental to critical adjustments we made going forward. Foy was also a guiding force in our Men of Purpose (M.O.P) Program for African American and Latino male advancement. Foy's willingness to honestly share his experiences with our men was extremely valuable.

As Foy became more entrenched in EOPS, he stepped more into leadership roles. He has served on our EOPS Advisory Board for the past 4 years, assists our contact as student staff, and has advocated for EOPS students at California's state capital. Foy has also been instrumental in the establishment and management of SCC's reemerging scholars program - which primarily serves students that were formally incarcerated.

With Foy being such an involved part of our EOPS program, we have the privilege to get to know him outside of campus. Foy contributes to the well-being of his communities by donating his time coaching youth basketball and football. This coaching time also allows him to spend more quality time with his son. Foy is a loving, supportive father and has integrated his son into many of the activities he takes part in on-campus.

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