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Region IV

Las Positas College

Education has always been a priority of mine because even though you can achieve amazing things without a diploma, applying to college can be very beneficial and the right path for many people. My education is important to me because I love learning and gaining knowledge.

I want to have my own company. I know that graduating from college and receiving as much education as possible will help me expand my knowledge and can help me with my company. People have told me that I do not need a degree to have my own company and continue with my goals. This concerned me because I did not want to waste time. But then I realized that I did not have the foundation of what I need to start and that I still need many things to learn, and that you cannot waste time because there are always things to learn to become better and can benefit you. I consider education very important because it is something that will be with you forever.

I am grateful I have EOPS because this program has been an incredible help. I like that we have a counselor and check-ups. This is very nice because you get to talk to your counselor about any concerns, or they help you with guidance. I remember a specific check-up I had with my counselor that made me realize I had more opportunities with universities. I am happy I applied to EOPS because it has honestly helped in many ways and for that, I am thankful.

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