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2023 CCCEOPSA Conference Workshop PresentationProposal Form 

Our participants range from EOPS Staff, Faculty, Directors, Deans, and students looking for all levels of content that explore new and improved ways of doing things in their professional and personal lives. With your help, we aim to create a learning experience that engages, challenges, and empowers our EOPS/CARE & Next Up Programs.


For planning purposes, each presentation will be scheduled for 1 hour.

Workshop Title:

Lead Facilitator:

Prefer Day to Present:

The conferenrece Wroskhop committee is doing its best to accommodate your preferred day.

Workshop Description:

Please provide a concise (4-5 sentence), narrative description of your presentation, as you would like it to appear in conference publications. Be sure to include any information about the planned involvement of workshop participants or the benefits your workshop might provide for participants. 

Participant Outcomes:

Please list THREE (3) Learning Outcomes for Participants.

All workshop rooms will be pre-set with a Screen, LCD Projector, Slide Remote, and Laptop running Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Thanks for submitting!

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