Workshop Proposal

Greetings Colleagues, 
In these unprecedented times, the CCCEOPSA Conference Committee invites you to share your excellence, creativity, and equity minded strategies that have made a difference with your students in this virtual distance education environment.  While EOPS is the original social justice student support program in the State of California, social justice and racial inequities are currently at the forefront of America’s consciousness. 

As we look towards the future, we are tasked now, more than ever with addressing the systemic and insidious racism that exists within each of our institutions individually, and within Higher Education as a whole. Share your wisdom, best practice models, practical applications and non-traditional approaches (spoken word, song, and other art forms) that have not only improved outcomes for our EOPS students, but also serve to reinforce the need for the anti-racist work we engage in daily.   


This virtual environment allows us to accommodate current EOPS student participation in the annual CCCEOPSA conference, free of charge. We ask that campuses limit their student registration to three (3) students per campus.  This also positively impacts our call for workshops, as it provides our EOPS practitioners with the opportunity to facilitate workshop offerings geared directly toward our students.