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2022 CCCEOPSA Workshop Proposal

The CCCEOPSA Conference Committee invites you to share your excellence, creativity, and equity-minded strategies that have made a difference with your students through these transitional times.


As we look towards the future, we encourage you to share your wisdom, best practice models, practical application, and traditional and nontraditional approaches with new modalities of communication and practice. 


Our participants range from EOPS Staff, Faculty, Directors, Deans, and students looking for all levels of content that explore new and improved ways of doing things in their professional and personal lives. With your help, we aim to create a learning experience that engages, challenges, and empowers our EOPS/CARE & Next Up Programs.


The Theme for this year's conference is "Reflecting, Refining, and Advancing the EOPS Culture."

Reflecting, Refining, and Advancing the EOPS Culture

Some topics of interest:

Serving Students

  • Communication that works for students

  • How we support CARE students

  • How we support Foster Youth students

  • EOPS Peer Advisors

EOPS Counseling

  • Self-care

  • EOPS counseling vs general counseling

  • Online counseling


  • SARRC reporting

  • Managing your team

  • Directors 101

  • EOPS Program Plans

  • Title V Regulations

  • Implementing guidelines

  • History of EOPS

Legislative Update

  • EOPSA Association, it's purpose

  • AB 1705

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