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Region IX

Cerro Coso Community College

Zulema Nuno is a first-generation college student who came back to school after becoming a single parent to two children Luna Isabel and Joseph Daniel.

Not only is she a full-time student and works for the counseling department at Cerro Coso Community College, she is currently part of EOPS, CARE, and CALWORKS.

Once accepted into EOPS in 2018, Zulema saw the opportunities offered by the program such as financial and counseling support. Grants and scholarships from the program made it possible for her to be financially independent and provide for her family. Further, she received an immense support from the EOPS staff for educational and personal counseling. This is where Zulema found her second family within the school community. She believes that EOPS has made her the successful student she is today.

After receiving her Business certificate of achievement in 2019, she will receive an Associate’s degree in Business Administration spring of 2020.

Zulema’s academic goals include transferring to a University in fall of 2020 for a Bachelor’s degree and eventually to earn a Master's Degree.

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