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Region IX

Palo Verde College

Hi, my name is Veronica Mercedes Munoz, and I am 50 years old. I have been slowly chipping away at my Alcohol and drug studies I and II certificates.

I decided to turn my life around after getting an 11 year prison sentence. It was during this time I knew I would make the best drug and alcohol counselor with more than 25 years hands on experience. On June 1, 2019 I made 6 years clean and sober. Yes, I have overcome Heroin Addiction. I was also able to shave time off my sentence by training and becoming a certified wildland firefighter and a student for Palo Verde College. Preparing for my ADS Drug and Alcohol Achievement Award. Which I have yet to finish my internship class.

I want to say upon my release in 2017, arriving on PVC campus has been a challenge within itself. I arrived with an earned default in financial Aid. But with the help of EOPS, I have been able to continue my education. Not only with EOPS providing me with the textbooks that I have needed, but the time all the counselors have invested in me to figure out exactly the schedule to make my education smooth. Hats off to the Director of EOPS/CARE, Machi Rivers who always has a kind word, and encouraging advice no matter what time of day it is. I personally approached Ms. Machi Rivera and she never turned me away. She always listens to me very attentively never making me feel like my concerns are a bother. Whether it was, my personal problems or a problem I had concerning my academic studies. I was heard. Thanks EOPS, I could not have done this without you.

I will use this scholarship money to further my studies and complete my AA in Behavioral Science. Allowing me to live easier, being able to provide my basic needs will let me focus on my goals. EOPS, I thank you very much for believing in me, and giving me this opportunity Hats off the EOPS department.

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