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Region IV

Evergreen Valley College

The only limit is the one that I put on myself and I only have happiness when I let myself be happy. I had been and gave up so many times in life. I was about to give up when I realized the negative effects of being with my abusive husband and his family. I was about to give up when people judged me for leaving my husband without even knowing about my scars and what I went through. Because of these hardships in addition to the language and cultural differences, I was about to give up on my own education. and the culture. However, I realized my nemesis was no one else but myself. I let my husband and other people hurt me to drag me down. I limited myself to their control while the only thing that should matter is my kid and my own happiness. Thus, I to go back to school so I could remove all my limits one by one. With confidence, I became fearless and I took any chance that life offered. Writing was one of my weaknesses but when I received the CCCEOPSA scholarship application, I challenged myself and went gave it a try.

Being awarded this scholarship together with the support of the EOPS and the services continue to help me remove my barriers. The award is a great source of financial support that will help my family and my education, especially during the pandemic. It is both an honor and a proud achievement for me to get this scholarship.

Thank you, EOPS.

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