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Region II

Folsom Lake College

As a first generation college student, I did not have a lot of knowledge on the workings of a college. This is where Folsom Lake College’s EOPS assisted in numerous ways. Through the contacts and workshops, EOPS has answered my many questions as I lack people that can advise me on my college path; the counselors and advisors have always been able to help me through any situation. The CCCEOPSA scholarship will benefit me as I pursue my academic goal of becoming a physicians assistant. In order to do this, I plan on obtaining my Pre-Health Occupations Associate in Science degree from Folsom Lake College and then a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science from Sacramento State University. While working towards my BS, I plan to continue working in direct-patient care fields to gain health care experience while preparing for the GRE. Earning a BS in Health Science will (hopefully) lead to a Master of Physician Assistant Studies program. After taking the PANCE to receive NCCPA certification, I would have completed my educational and career goals of becoming a physicians assistant (PA-C).

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