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Region I

Butte College

This is Sheng’s final semester at Butte. She plans to transfer to Chico State next Fall to persuade a degree in Health Services Administration. She finished her Social and Behavioral Science degree last semester. Sheng is a mother of three young children and her family inspires her to do her best every day. Sheng got married at age 19 and moved to Butte County from Seattle, WA. She initially started a certificate program at Oroville Adult School but quickly realized that she wanted more from her education. In 2016, her older sister died from Ovarian Cancer at the age of 31. This took a major toll on Sheng’s emotional wellbeing, but this tragedy also inspired her to peruse her goals and dreams. Sheng enrolled at Butte College that Fall. Throughout her time at Butte, she was pregnant twice and experienced severe symptoms while still grieving the loss of her sister. Although she faced many emotional and physical challenges as a student, Sheng is determined to graduate from Chico State and excited about working in the health care industry. Sheng is a kind and humble young woman. She is very appreciative of the support she has received through EOPS and verbalizes this frequently. She is a nurturer at heart and looks forward to working with people in need of support and care.

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