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Region I

Feather River College

Being a part of the EOPS program, especially in the year of COVID-19, has benefitted me substantially. The COVID-19 outbreak sent me home during my spring 2020 semester which took a big toll on myself and family. I lost my dorm room however but I was lucky to be received by my aunt and uncle. They were laid off, resulting in my need for employment to help with the household bills. I began working at a sandwich shop making $8.50/hour however was unable to save money. This was frightening, as I did not know how I was going to pay for the essentials I need to get through the school year. I knew I didn’t want to take out more loans. I returned to college in Quincy in the face of the North Complex Fire, power outages, COVID-19 scares/regulations, basketball practice, and academics through zoom. It was tough to keep up with school and homework online. I acquired COVID-19, recovered, was able to play in some of the basketball games, many required travel. I hold a 3.5 GPA, and am on a solid path toward university and a career as a Health Educator. The EOPS scholarship will help me get the things I need for school while reducing worry and need for more loans. I have to do this whole college journey on my own without family support. Attending college and enduring a pandemic has been a crazy ride of learning to do things for myself while discovering the world.

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