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Region IX

Barstow Community College

Around my graduation, my family was dealing with some financial trouble. I planned to move out to help as much as I could and thankfully, they agreed. Then, I headed out to live on my own. The first week after I moved out was a major wakeup call. Living on my own required me to do and pay for everything myself. That included rent, utilities, gas, groceries, cleaning, cooking and everything in between. I entered my college on the Dean’s list and with a passion for learning. Classes like psychology, chemistry, and biology, fascinated me because it really pushed me to my limit when it came to learning.

I am grateful for the struggles I endured, because it taught me how to be responsible for myself and how to manage my work, school, and personal life. After a lot of forethought, I decided I would go in a profession in Psychiatry. I know it will be a rigorous and extensive path ahead of me, but I welcome the opportunity to better my understanding of the mind and body, while also being able to help people with my newfound knowledge. This scholarship would allow me to afford my education at my university and in medical school. This, in turn, would empower me to focus on my future endeavors.

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