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Region IX

Crafton Hills College

I am a fifty-four-year-old single mother that is highly determined to pursue my dream of becoming a food inspector.

I am from China and migrated to United States in 2007. For decades, I lived a life that was planned by other people until I moved to United States. New country, new environment. My daughter was in college and I saw that she has some classmates that are my age. At first, I did not understand why people that age wants to go back to school. I often asked, “Will they be successful?” “What would they do when they face some difficulties?” I also wanted to study like them, but it is really a difficult decision to make. I am afraid that my English is terrible. I am afraid that I can't keep up with the classes. I am afraid of surrendering to difficulties and will not be successful. But, after my husband passed away, I realized that life is short and that I should do what I have been wanting to do-to go back to school. That’s why I made a decision to go back to school because I think education is the key step for me to reach my goals.

In order to realize my dream, I have to overcome many of my weaknesses. First, I had to find enough time to study. I already have two full-time jobs and with becoming a full-time student, I only have 3-4 hours of sleep a day. Despite my lack of sleep, I persisted and went to school on time every day. Second, I have passed the language barrier. My listening and writing skills are very poor, but at Crafton Hills College, with the help of the EOPS counselor and the Tutoring Center, I had help with my essays until they became up to standards. My grade point average is a testimony to my hard work. Every year I am on the Dean’s List. I have already been accepted to California State University San Bernardino. I will study my professional courses in depth and get closer to my dreams.

I would like to thank all the staff of EOPS, especially Director Rejoice Chavira and Counselor Racquel Schoenfeld. In the past three years, in addition to giving specific and effective guidance to my education plan, you were my greatest motivators. More importantly, when I want to give up and feel depressed, your encouragement and concern have cheered me up and given me the source of strength.

I have a daughter who wants to study to become a Doctor at UC Davis. I need to support my daughter, and in order to better study at CSUSB, I have already quit a job, so I need financial help, so I can use my spare time to go to school instead of a part-time job. This scholarship will help me. It made me know that I succeeded a small step and will get more support in future efforts. I am committed to my studies because I know that success is achieved through hard work, and never falling from the sky.

I am working at San Manuel Casino. I am a very hard worker. I got employee of the year, super star for worker, and multiple times employee of the month.

I was also a volunteer for city of Highland at YMCA in 2009-2011. I was very happy to share my artistic skills to children and residents of the community. As a goal, I want to learn more skills at the college to help our community.

I want to thank the CCCEOPSA for this scholarship. I thank you for paving the way for a great help for students like me. Someday, I hope to give back to the community and help others once I become successful in achieving my goals.

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