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Region II

Napa Valley College

Fear, excitement, pride, and pressure were some of the emotions I felt on the first day of college. Being granted access to the world of higher education, as a first-generation student, is a complicated system that demands time, finances, and a tremendous level of knowledge. It was a challenge to find resources that would guide and support me through my college journey, since I did not have the same opportunities as non first-generation students. Through EOPS, I found a community that was extremely supportive of my academic and personal goals. The unwavering support EOPS gave me was a comfortable reminder of home. From my first year of college up until I transferred, EOPS has helped me every step of the way whether it be academic advising, transfer requirements, or financial aid questions. I was able to focus more on my studies and not have to be stressed about where to go for help. Being a part of EOPS helped me gain a sense of community in a complex system and gave me confidence moving forward with my academic endeavors.

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