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Region VII

West LA College

Mature in wisdom and experience yet young in spirit California raised but nationally traveled, youngest of three children and now mother of three, I recently restarted my educational career and journey and graduated from WLAC in 2018. Raising three kids and balancing life is challenging but adding going back to school to pursue a career is considered by most to be next to impossible. I love those odds. I love a challenge. I challenge myself to be the best me I can be against all odds. The fight is not fair until it's me against the world. This scholarship helps me fight by battles. EOPS is helping by providing me with counseling, tutoring, and various tools and strategies in my greatest battle yet! EOPS has assisted me to take care of my biggest responsibility as a mother while remaining focused on finishing my educational and career goals. As the Fall semester begins, and I look forward to beginning the Dental Hygiene program with the attitude that I will win!

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