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Grossmont College

My name is Julia Ann Hildebrect and I’m nineteen years old. I am in my second year at Grossmont College, majoring in Psychology. I grew up in a home of dysfunctional alcoholics which lead to an unhealthy home life in which I didn’t know when my next meal would even be. My father was in and out of jail, and eventually passed away when I was ten years old. From then on, everything went downhill. My mother lost her job and was unable to provide for my siblings and I. As we all grieved and overcame my father's death, my mother couldn’t seem to move on and in 2013 I was taken away from my mother and put into foster care, where I experienced more abuse. During this time, my mother began to get the treatment she needed in order to get me back but her health rapidly deteriorated and she passed away in 2015. My mother's death hit me hard and I missed weeks of school. I struggled with depression and anxiety due to the trauma and grief I went through. I did my best and barely graduated high school. Without my parents being around it has been hard to make ends meet and afford things like getting an education. Winning this scholarship would help me in pursuing my education to give myself a better life where I don’t ever have to struggle financially. Being a part of EOPS has given me a mentor to look up to and help me on my journey throughout college. Being a part of EOPS has truly been a blessing and I am thankful for that.

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