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Region IX

Mount San Jacinto College

My name is Jonathan Short, and I am a third-year student at MSJC majoring in Computer Science. I have been enrolled in EOPS ever since my first semester, and it has been instrumental in helping me achieve my academic aspirations. Coming from a low-income household where none of my immediate family members had graduated from University, I was unaware of the steps needing to be taken in order to transfer to university and what could be done to make myself an attractive transfer prospect. Thankfully, the EOPS counselors were more than happy to take the time to construct an education plan that puts me in position to get the most out of my community college experience and realistically transfer to my preferred institutions. With this guidance and support, I have succeeded academically going into my final year at MSJC and eagerly await the opportunities that lie ahead.

Receiving the EOPS California Community College Association Scholarship will be unbelievably influential in funding my education. Since I come from a low-income household, attending university had long appeared to be nothing more than a dream. But it is opportunities like this that make that dream more realistic. As such, I will save as much of the funds as possible and use them solely for advancing my education. Graduating from university is my priority, and I will make responsible decisions to ensure that I accomplish my goals.

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