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Region IX

Norco College

My name is Hamidullah Hekmat. I was born and grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan. I am able to speak five languages such as Pashto, Persian, Arabic, Urdu, and English. I'm studying in Norco College in Norco City.

In my life, I have experience lots of challenges. In my country I grow up in a society surrounded by war. In my 35 year life, I never had peace even of a year. With all those challenges, I still continued to graduate from high school and a two years academy in English language and computer application. After graduation I stated working with the US army corps of engineer in construction projects such as U.S Ammunition Supply Points and Airbases. After testing my honesty, US army offered me a permanent residency here in the United States which was a great opportunity for me. Coming here, I face lots for financial difficulties. But later on, I was able to run my life. Now I am working 40 hours a week, to pay the expenses of my kids, with being a full time student in Norco College. My Career goal is to be a civil engineer, an engineer who builds the building of love in society. To be a successful civil engineer, I have planned my education carefully with the help of EOPS counselor.

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