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Region II

Woodland Community College

I come from a family that features my dad and brother going to college before me. Both my dad and brother are role models I look up to, as they have always stood by my side and given me advice on how to succeed in college. Some of the obstacles I have faced included being a student with a learning disability that required me to work extra hard to understand lectures and concepts in areas like statistics. When I took statistics at Woodland Community College, I signed up to use the campus tutoring services and was able to have two-hour appointments each week to better understand the concepts of the different
formulas. Having that one-on-one support at the college and my dad always asking me how everything is going pushed me to stay determined and focused to pass statistics. I am appreciative of all the support I have received, and this all keeps a fire lit under my belly to keep going forward and to never ever give up.
This scholarship will benefit me as I am starting my journey at UC Davis in the Fall, and I plan to use the money from this scholarship to help pay for things such as book fees and parking. I am thankful for all the support EOP&S has given me at Woodland Community College and I will never ever forget the wonderful staff that work there. From the bottom of my heart, thank you EOP&S!

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