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Region III

College of Alameda

I could type out a long list of endeavors I faced such as being Latino in an all-white community, my father being incarcerated when I was twelve, being raised by a single mother and the list goes on. Regardless of these challenges I faced I’d like to focus my accomplishments instead. I am extremely proud of my entrepreneur achievements which include becoming a licensed cosmetologist at the age of 17 and running my own online clothing shop. In high school I graduated with a 2.3 overall GPA and now I am transferring with all A’s and one B. I strongly believe that I can accomplish anything as long as I have discipline and perseverance. In terms of college goals, I want to graduate with my Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising debt free. After I finish, I want to move to New York City, build my residency in order to qualify for in-state tuition at FIT and then pursue my masters. Career wise I would like to have multiple ventures so that my work schedule does not become monotonous, but will be Fashion business related. With my scholarship I am hoping to be able to purchase a new laptop since I have owned mine since seventh grade and all classes will be online for me next semester at CSU Long Beach therefore I need something much more reliable. I hope you see exactly what I see in myself, a person with potential who just needs someone to give her an opportunity.

EOPS has changed my life, especially my counselor Fathia. The way she believes in me, encourages me to never give up and has always responded to my needs promptly is outstanding. With her help I was able to transfer in a timely manner as well as have access to resources I would have never known about. EOPS allowed me to apply to 8 universities for free, gave me scholarships for my Fashion courses as well as books, supplies for school and kept me on track by planning a proper SEP. To future students, while I was not in EOPS my first year of community college, I joined my second year and I see the difference in my quality of education. It is extremely important to join programs such as EOPS because they are here to help you succeed as well as grow as a person. The opportunities you will have access to will be life changing. I truly owe my success to EOPS because they believed in me even at times when it seemed I would never transfer on time. They gave me a chance and for that I will always be grateful for what they not only did for me, but for fellow students.

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