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Region III

College or Marin

When Christina Herrera’s elderly grandparents could no longer care for her at age 18, she was forced to move out on her own. A few years later, she gave birth to her son Ruben and she knew she would have to work hard to give him a better life. She left an abusive relationship only to end up working dead end jobs. After several years, Christina realized education was the only path to a better future for her and her son.

Despite having only a 7th grade education, Christina completed her first semester in college with a 4.0 GPA and got her GED. Although she often faced tremendous financial difficulties, she remained fiercely dedicated to being a great parent and excellent student. But, despite her best efforts, she became homeless and was forced to temporarily drop out of school. However, with the help of EOPS, community partners, and Christina’s resilient spirit, she managed to secure low cost housing in Marin County and return to school.

Ruben is now 3 years old and Christina is once again thriving at the College of Marin as a full-time student. While her goal is to pursue a degree in Business, her passion for helping others is evident in her participation on the EOPS Advisory Committee, volunteering for homeless youth, and working in the ESL office. Christina is truly an outstanding EOPS/CARE student who successfully balances parenthood, school, and her desire to help those around her.

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