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Region II

Solano College

Since I applied to EOPS in Fall 2019, I was experiencing academic probation and several painful family losses, but the EOPS program has always been kind to me. The most significant turning point was the first counseling meeting with Kamber (EOPS Counselor). I had brought my daughter with me, who was getting antsy and touching things. Kamber noticed and took it upon herself to bring out some stuff for my daughter to color to occupy her. That was the biggest moment for me, where I realized that I wasn’t alone in this journey to further my education.

I hope to inspire any other single parents out there or anyone thinking of going to Solano that the EOPS will help make it possible for them to succeed. This scholarship will help me with the funds needed to put food on the table, help pay bills, purchase my daughter the school supplies she needs, and keep the internet at home. This award will allow me to continue my education through online learning and taking care of my daughter. Thank you all so very much.

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