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Palomar College

Palomar College has selected Brigitte Foisy as their recipient of the CCEOPSA 2019 Scholarship. Brigitte is a 38-year-old wife and mother of 3 who has thrived in her time at Palomar. She recently received a Certificate of Achievement as a Library Media Technician and will finish up her Associate’s degree in the Fall of 2019.

After a 15-year hiatus Brigitte enrolled in classes at Palomar College intending to take a few courses to qualify for a Library Tech position at her children’s school. As a working mother to 3 children, finding time to take a full load is not an easy task. Most days she wakes up early and stays up late in order to study and complete her assignments.

In addition to school, work, family activities, and the daily grind, Brigitte’s youngest daughter was diagnosed with severe autism and epilepsy. However, through early intervention services and hundreds of hours of on-going therapy, at age 6, she is a fairly well-adjusted, soon-to-be first grader in a typical classroom amongst typical peers. Getting her to this point has taken a tremendous amount of hard work on her part and much sacrifice on the part of her family. Together, they’ve pushed forward to find strength in their challenges. They continue to strive for success, and for Brigitte, school has been her way of proving to her family and to herself that if there is something in life that you truly desire, hard work and dedication will get you there.

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