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Region III

Contra Costa College

I am a business major applying to HAAS. I come from a very low-income family of immigrants. Being a first-generation college student, I began my education curious and determined, but scared and frustrated. I graduated from high school and had to enroll into a community college by myself. Once at Contra Costa College, I found registration for classes confusing and finding a path to my major daunting. I went to see a counselor who recommended the EOPS program and to start with the EOPS class “Manage College Success/Life Transition.” I was still confused even after the end of the class but being active in the EOPS program, I have been able to find out about other student support programs, resources and internships, due to the fact that I needed to meet with my EOPS counselor frequently. She helped me plan my roadmap to transfer to HAAS and other Business schools while getting an AA-T in Business Administration. While I have been studying, I have enjoyed being a member of the ASU and volunteering at many of our events.

EOPS has supported me in everything I needed to do to achieve my educational goals and beyond. Through the support of this scholarship award, I will be able to pay for some of college expenses such as books and units when I transfer this year. When I graduate, I would like to open a clothing store.

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