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Region II

Mendocino College

Behishta Ghulam Qadir is a third-year college student at Mendocino College. She received her Associate of Science degree in Allied Health. Behishta is looking forward to becoming a registered nurse and continuing her education in the medical field. While going to college she faced many challenges. However, with help and support from her husband, she was able to continue achieving her goals. Behishta is Muslim and chose to wear her hijab (scarf to cover hair) in public which made people feel different and stay away from her. She stated that “I learned to never give up and that every day is a new phase which will surely go away, and you will wake up to a beautiful, nice morning. I still face a lot of challenges, but it will never stop me from achieving my educational, personal, and career goal”. Behishta believes the scholarship will help her a lot with achieving her educational and career goals. Behishta believes that the CCCEOPSA scholarship helps to remove financial barriers thus making her educational and career goal easier to obtain.

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