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Region I

Shasta College

I am a first generation college student, who learned English as a second language, majoring in pre-nursing. In my first two years at Shasta College, I experienced traumatic, life-changing events. My passion to succeed helped me to overcome these challenges and stay in school.
After being accepted at Shasta College, I was doubtful of my capabilities as a new student. But I found great resources in EOPS that guided me through my chosen pathway. As an EOPS student, I encountered marvelous counselors who met my educational needs. I was provided with financial support for my textbooks. While I found it difficult to be a mother and a full time student, I made the decision to put my focus towards my education instead of working. As a nurse, I am hopeful that I will be able to share my knowledge and provide excellent patient care to those who are in need of my service. I am confident the CCCEOPSA scholarship will help me achieve my academic goals and help build a pathway for me.

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