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Region V

Merced College

My name is Angelica Banuelos, I am currently a Merced College student who works part time and am raising my five-year-old daughter solely. Incidentally, I myself had also been raised by a single mother who persevered through every obstacle and normalized the importance of college in our household. Fortunately, when I felt lost, confused and inadequate to be a mother at a young age. I was able to see education as my pathway to stability, love for a career, and intelligence in all aspect of life. As a result, I stand here today in my last two semesters for an AA and AAT degree in psychology. In addition, I have the honor to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and will be applying to the nursing program fairly soon.

However, without the help of EOPS my progress would not be where it is today, and my mental mind set would not be as optimistic. This program has gone above and beyond to ensure my success by providing me with textbooks, educational supplies, parking permits and other necessities that I would otherwise be unable to obtain for myself. Aside from materialistic items, EOPS granted me with guidance, motivation, and valuable information on my opportunities. Lastly, I may greatly benefit from this scholarship by awarding me the opportunity to keep my educational journey ongoing and the ability to maintain my education the primary priority in my life.

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