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San Diego Mesa College

I came to the United States when I was 8. At that age you don’t think too much about why you moved or whether or not you where ever coming back. My sister and I didn’t know that we were undocumented when we first arrived in the US. We were young and at first we didn’t notice the difference between our friends and us. As I grew older and entered high school, it became aware of this and now I know what a huge difference there is between those of us that were undocumented and those that were US citizens. I knew once I graduated HS, the goal was to go to college. One of the struggles I’ve gone through in my life is being able to understand that my life was filled with struggles. I am a first generation, low-income and being raised by my mother. But even knowing this, my mother has been a an inspiration to me and my sister. She works hard to make sure that no matter what, we always had what we needed. Because of my status, I am unable to get a job, which is a hardship for me and my family. We have little family support given that we only have an uncle and my grandma here in San Diego.

I joined EOPS in the Fall 2019. They have been a great support, since this year I had trouble receiving my financial aid and wasn’t able to get the money until the end of the semester. EOPS helped me with my books and my parking permit. Through the EOPS program I was also eligible for the Borderless Scholars program that helps students like myself with school supplies, access codes, meal cards and specialized services such as legal consultations and access to counselors who can help me with other resources. Having the support of this program helped me get through the semester.

My goals are to transfer to SDSU and receive my degree in Biology. I see myself working in the medical field, possibly a Physician’s Assistant. My aspirations for life are to have a successful future where I am able to pay back my mom for everything she has done for me. I would also like to be able to help the community I grew up in. Giving back to the community that supported me and being able to give them something that inspires others to make a change.

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