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Imperial Valley College

Alejandra was born in Los Angeles, CA. She is the youngest of five daughters. Her parents worked their entire lives to provide her and her siblings with an education. Alejandra’s mother worked as a field worker and her father worked as a welder until he became ill. Alejandra started at Imperial Valley College with the sole intention of learning English, but in working with her EOPS counselor Mr. Jose Plascencia, she was encouraged to take an additional class, and that is when she came across the Java – computer programing course. It was in that course that she gained self-confidence in her ability to pursue learning beyond English as a Second Language. According to her Computer Programming instructor, Alejandra showed much promise in Mathematics and Programming, and that is how she eventually decided to change her Program of Study to include Computer Science. Currently, Alejandra is taking Multivariate Calculus, and credits her ability to succeed personally and academically to the constant motivation and support from her parents, teachers, counselors, and EOPS staff. Alejandra is planning to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in the near future, and is proud of her accomplishments, including having earned a 4.0 GPA in all coursework. According to her EOPS counselor, “one of Alejandra’s many gifts, is the ability to make others (especially her counselor) look like a genius.” On behalf of Imperial Valley College, and IVC EOPS, we are proud to recognize Ms. Alejandra Diaz with this most deserving scholarship award.

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