Region VIII

I decided to go back to school after the birth of my son in the Fall of 2016. It had been almost 9 years since I had set foot in a classroom. I felt hopeless and unworthy of an education that is until my son was born. So, I did it! I applied for Coastline Community College and began taking classes in the Spring of 2017. Every semester gets better than the last because I can feel myself getting closer and closer to my goal. My teachers have all been so inspirational and their advanced knowledge of the subjects they are teaching make it possible for me to not only learn but enjoy learning. My goal of becoming a registered nurse is no longer a dream as each day passes it becomes more of a reality. My current major is math and science and I hope to one day become a registered nurse. As of now I am currently completing the course requirements of UCLA Nursing School with the hopes of getting into a great nursing program. I absolutely love the EOPS Program. I walked into their office feeling scared and embarrassed of my age and lack of formal education. Not only did I walk out with my own personal roadmap of how to achieve that goal, I walked out with confidence that my long-time goal was actually a possibility.


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