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2023 CCCEOPSA Conference Exhibitors Application & Agreement

Our participants range from EOPS Staff, Faculty, Directors, Deans, and students looking for all levels of content that explore new and improved ways of doing things in their professional and personal lives. With your help, we aim to create a learning experience that engages, challenges, and empowers our EOPS/CARE & Next Up Programs.


Contact Information:


CHoose how you would like to participate:

I understand that exhibitor space is limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. I further understand that my company/organization is responsible for payment of any additional items, equipment, or services needed. If you have difficulties accessing the Santa Clara Marriott, please e-mail Francisco Tostado Upon approval of this application, the California Community College Extended Opportunity Programs and Services Association (CCCEOPSA) Will mail a confirmation letter to you. By agreeing to this agreement, I verify that all information is accurate. I also agree to save and hold harmless the CCCEOPSA Board, employees, and or representatives from any and all liability, cost, litigation, or claims for injury or death. To any person, including, Exhibitor or Exhibitor’s, employees, or damage to any property, including but not limited to that of Exhibitor or the CCCEOPSA, arising from any cause related to Exhibitor’s, direct or indirect participation in the CCCEOPSA conference. The Exhibitor will arrange appropriate insurance to ensure this potential liability in amounts sufficient to protect itself, the CCCEOPSA.

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Thanks for supporting CCCEOPSA!

If applying for Justice Level, Advocate Level or Empowerment Level, please upload your organization/company logo and banner by clicking the Upload File button below.

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