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Blanche G. Goldstein

Founding Mother and Guiding Spirit of CARE

Blanche G Goldstein

Blanche Goldstein was a native Sacramentan, a lifelong social worker, philanthropist and respected political activist.


She truly believed in giving unto others and loving her neighbor.  With her abundant energy, drive and a loving dedication to help the less fortunate in the community, Blanche opened her heart and her home to many people.


Together with her beloved husband Frank and their children, David, Michael and Laurie, Blanche and her family have contributed generously, tirelessly and unselfishly in all respects to further social justice, political empowerment, human rights and education.


Blanche holds a special place in the hearts of all EOPS/CARE staff and students throughout California.


In 1977, Blanche founded the Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program as a special project of EOPS at Imperial Valley College.  By 1982, CARE was established in a dozen more community colleges.  Today there are 113 CARE programs in every community college throughout the state with over 11,000 students served annually. 

CARE is the first and largest state-funded program of its kind in the nation and is unique to California and the community colleges system. Over 180,000 women and men have been assisted by the CARE program since its founding.


The program is symbolic of the state's commitment to provide college education and job training to low income single parents.


More importantly, CARE encourages the women and men participating in the program to believe that they and their children are important, that they are capable, and with proper support, they can break the cycle of welfare dependency and become self-sufficient.


Blanche was not only the founder of the CARE program, but also its heart and soul.


A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Blanche had a distinguished professional career and active community life.


She served as:

  • Deputy Director of the California Department of Social Services for eight years under Governor Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr.

  • formed the Camellia Day Care Center at the Women's Community Civic Center

  • obtained a grant for bilingual education and job training for the Chinese Community Center Association

  • volunteered as a social worker and fundraiser for Wellspring, a center for homeless women; chaired the women's division of the California Democratic Party

  • raised funds for voter registration and worked to pass the Equal Rights Amendment through the State Legislature

  • and represented the Sacramento community through McClellan Air Force Base at the War College where the SALT treaties were conceived.


Blanche was president of the Mercy Children's Hospital Guild and the Sacramento Hadassah, the women's division of the Jewish Federation.

She was also a member of:

  • the League of Women Voters

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters

  • Mexican American Political Association

  • Sacramento Opera Association

  • Sacramento Symphony League

  • Crocker Art Museum

  • and the United Way.


Blanche led an exemplary life of giving unto others unconditionally by working devotedly to enhance the lives of the aged, low income, welfare-dependent, homeless, and disenfranchised people through her professional life, community volunteerism and philanthropic efforts. 


Blanche passed away at the age of 86 in November 2003.  For the many thousands of CARE students who have graduated from or are currently attending California's community colleges and who, along with her loving children and grandchildren, are her living legacy.


Blanche Goldstein will remain an inspiration, guiding light and shining star who truly did make right the world.

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