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2023 CCCEOPSA Conference
Student Scholarship Form

Congratulations!  Your college has been selected to have the distinction of awarding one EOPS student a $750.00 scholarship for 2023. 

The Association makes no specific requirements for making the determination. The final determination is left to each campus. Each campus is responsible for its screening process. We will accept students that are either continuing at your community college or a student who may be leaving to enter a transfer institution to complete his/her bachelor’s program during Fall 2023.  

There will be a designated timeframe specifically to recognize the scholarship recipients. We always encourage selected scholarship recipients to attend the conference and hope that the college will fund the recipient’s expenses (conference registration). Unfortunately, the Association cannot cover these expenses.

Please complete the submission form by June 30, 2023. Please respect this deadline as there is much preparation to get this information into our Fall Conference calendar. Directors not meeting this deadline could lose the scholarship. 

EOPS Region

Recommendation: Provide a concise (4-5 sentence), narrative description of why this scholar is being recommended for the CCCEOPSA Scholarship. Be sure to include any information about the student's perseverance and achievements. Provide your response in the box below or upload a pdf or docx. file.

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Student Biographical Statement: Provide a concise (4-5 sentence), narrative description of your background, personal accomplishments, how this scholarship will benefit you, and how the EOPS program supported your community college experience.  Provide your response in the box below or upload a pdf or docx. file.

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Student Photo: Provide a photograph that clearly identifies the scholarship recipient. The image will be used to showcase the scholar during the conference scholarship recognition (Tiff, jpeg, or gif at least 300 dpi).

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Thanks for applying!We’ll get back to you soon.

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