EOPS Impact Study

In 2012, the CCCEOPSA contracted with the RP Group to conduct a study of the effectiveness of the EOPS program in serving disadvantaged students.  A cohort of over 64,000 EOPS participants was selected from 60 participating college districts representing 97 colleges and tracked over a three-year period.  This cohort was compared with over 642,000 students who did not participate in the EOPS program during the studied time period.

The outcomes selected for comparison between EOPS and non-EOPS students included:

– One-year retention
– Two-year retention
– Earned degree or certificate within 3 years
– Transfer English success within 3 years
– Transfer math success within 3 years
– Number of transferable units completed within 3 years
– 60 or more transferable units completed within 3 years
– Transferred to a four-year institution within 3 years

A summary of the report findings and the entire report are available below.

EOPS Impact Study – Report Summary

EOPS Impact Study – Full Report